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5 Tips for taking storytelling photos

Summer is a time for exploring; new places, new adventures, precious time with loved ones. Documenting your family's everyday is no easy task especially if you're chasing little ones around. What they say is true: a picture is worth a thousand words. You can tell so much of your family's life even if you only capture a handful of images.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to tell a story with your photos.

Show the environment

By showing your surroundings, you're establishing a scene. Was it a sunny or rainy day? Were you in a busy or quiet place? What was going on around you? All these components are part of the story you're trying to tell and have a life of their own!

Focus on details

After scanning the bigger scene, look for the finer points that often go undetected. Think about what you're doing, what is significant about it. What you would like to remember? Hands, footprints and reflections are just a few examples.

Capture emotions

Most of our lives we are told to look at the camera and smile. CHEEEESE! It's always pleasant to look back at an image and see joy, but true emotions are often caught when we have our guard down and least expect it. Just keep an eye out, wait and capture!

Show connections

We have connections with everything that surrounds us: our family, our pets, our environment, our home. Life is ever changing but these connections are part of who we are. Think of ways to portray these candidly.

Change your perspective

Put yourself in someone else's shoes: crouch down or climb up. Move to one side, then the other. The angle from which you choose to take a photo changes the story you are telling. Moving around helps you look see a situation differently and share a different message.

Hope you found these tips helpful. Have fun!

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