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5 Lessons Learned in 365 Days

Like many, I fell in love with photography when my children were born; I wanted to document their lives. So, I devoured all the articles and books I could find, watched hours of technical videos online, and signed up for a class with talented local photographer Sara McConnell, which was amazing. But I still needed hours of practice in order to get the most out of everything I was learning. That's when I started my 365 Project. I commited to taking 1 photo everyday for a year and posting it on Facebook for my family and friends to see.

Ohhhh boy! I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 365 Days is a longgggg time!

But I stuck with it every day until the very end. At times it was draining and frustrating, but life's most fulfilling personal journeys are filled with such challenges.

Are you interested in doing your own photography project?

Here are 5 Tips to help you start:

1. Beauty is truly all around

Adults get so used to routine that we rarely stop and look at everyday things with a different perspective. Fortunately, having young children helped me to remember what it's like to see the World through the eyes of a child. My first suggestion is to be like a kid: look for bright contrasting colours, interesting shapes, and the way light plays off of your subject!

45/365 - Fall days

197/365 - Finding the light

68/365 - On the way to Cumberland

2. Keep your camera handy

Carry it with you everywhere. By keeping your camera powered on in a safe but easily accessible location, you'll have a better chance of capturing fleeting moments. Take it with you for daily errands and family outings. You'll never know what you'll encounter. Embarrassed about taking photos in public places? Don't be! It's great practice.

49/365 - Peanuts

286/365 -Walking on sunshine

305/365 - At dusk

3. Make a list

Start your project by making a list of the "MUST" shots you want to capture. This can be anything related to your project - a place, a connection, an object - whatever. On your list, jot down different techniques that you'd like to try to experiment with. This list will come in handy on days when you lack inspiration and need a little push.

121/365 - More books arriving!

252/365 - The best

24/365 - Up! Up in the sky!

4.Include yourself