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When Black & White Outshines Colour

When I started my photography journey, all of my work was in colour- bright, rich, bold, and often distracting colours. In time, I discovered the magical powers of transformation with Black & White. Sometimes, by removing the colour, the true potential of an image emerged, creating a moody depiction of a window in time.

Now, not all photos are meant to be in Black & White. How do I decide which ones should be?

Here are 3 examples of when to choose Black & White:

1. Display interesting light and shadow

Light and shadow add so much to the narrative of a photograph. They become

characters in the story you are telling. When it comes to enhancing contrasts in light, colour images rarely compete at the same level. Embrace challenging bright light situations and the beauty they can create!

2. Focus on emotions

Black & White photography is perfect for images filled with emotions. By removing

colour, the viewer is pulled straight into the naked emotion in your photo without being distracted for example by the subject's clothes or blemishes on their skin.

When you are open to these moments and capture them as they happen, you can create a timeless image that portrays what life is all about. In the photos below, joy, surprise, closeness, amusement and wonder are displayed front and center. Do you see it?