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17 Photos to take in 2017

Each December I go through all the photos that I took during the year, in order to compile an album of all of our family's adventures.

Of course, big events such as trips, celebrations, and school pageants make the cut. But it is all those in between moments that fill the pages. Moments that you wouldn't necessarily think of capturing but that are an integral part of your life and of your children's childhood.

To help inspire you, here is a suggested list of 17 photos to take in 2017:

Winter Games

Different generations together

Celebrating a special holiday

Everyday life

Spring has sprung

One more candle

About you

Growing up


Unexpected Beauty

Let's get wet!

Summertime Traditions

It's a big big world!


Fall days

Once the sun goes down


I hope you found this list helpful.

Have a great time telling your stories. Be sure to join our email list to receive more tips and to be informed of upcoming promotions.

Best wishes for the New year!

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