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Once upon a session - one family's experience

Many of my new clients have never tried documentary photo sessions before. So, when Lindsay reached out to me to book her session, it was no surprise to hear excitement and just of touch of curiosity in her voice. With both her sons now in school and growing up so fast, she wanted lots of candid photos of her family while out on an adventure. We tossed around a few ideas: a morning at the park, an afternoon at the beach, a visit to a museum. With last week's colder, fall-like weather we settled on apple picking. Needless to say, I was pretty excited!

Since this was her first storytelling photo session, I was curious to hear about what she thought of the experience.

Below is the story in her words, in response to some of my questions.


1.Why did you choose to book a storytelling photo session for your family?

I loved the idea of pictures telling a story and being able to be followed along on an important/fun activity or event instead of a posed shoot. I feel you get so much more out of candid pictures of you enjoying an activity. The happiness and love for one another becomes very evident as your actions together are captured organically.

2.Tell me about your session and what you liked most about it ?

I loved the location! Apple picking is something most families do and I really wanted to capture the fun and even the chaos of it (like my son eating alllllll the apples). I was incredibly impressed with how comfortable and confident Myriam is behind the camera. She is really creative which makes for amazing pictures and she is a pro at capturing the moments at just the right time. She was also SO good with the boys, making them laugh and letting them be silly.

I was hoping she would capture a few nice shots of us picking apples and being a family but she captured so much more; the love we all have for each other, the boys' silly and playful sides and the fun we had that night!

3.What did you feel when you saw your gallery of photos for the first time?