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Becoming a Click Pro!

I fell in love with photography when my kids were young and I'll always look back on my photography journey with much fondness. I remember registering for classes here in Ottawa and feeling both curious and intimidated. Unsure on how to keep learning while caring for two little ones at home, I stumbled upon Clickin Moms; an online community of photographers of varying skill levels and interests from all over the world.

Through this online community, I was able to keep learning via online courses, hundreds of tutorials and through so many discussions on their forums. I found inspiration through others works and seeing how much they improved. I became motivated by a personal goal: to become a Click Pro!

"Click Pro is a modern network of highly skilled professional photographers and independent artists."

To be considered for this designation, I needed to submit a portfolio of 150 of my images to be reviewed by no less than three reviewers and evaluated under these 7 categories:

1 — Exposure Triangle 2 — Color and White Balance 3 — Use of Light 4 — Composition and Posing 5 — Processing Cohesion and Polish 6 — Technical (focus, DOF, etc) 7 — Creativity, Expression and Intention

I decided to apply a few weeks ago by putting together a portfolio of some of my favourite personal and client photos. Choosing images was a big task!

Here is a look at my submitted set of 150 images:

After approximately 2 weeks and checking my email.... constantly, I'm happy to say that I was just contacted by the Director and that my application has been accepted!

What does it mean? I can now be considered for high-profile features, speaking, promotional, teaching and other collaborative work. Taking chances can be scary, but you'll never know unless you try!

To learn more about becoming a Click Pro, click here or don't hesitate to send me your questions.

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