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Let's talk about your Favorite!

In the past two years, I've had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful families. Starting a business that focuses on people was something I had always dreamed of doing.

I often look back at past photo shoots and try to learn from them; what worked well? Did I make the most of the light? Why did I chose this angle? Did the family enjoy themselves? What can I do better?

In honour of this year's anniversary, I asked some of my past clients to look back at their chosen photos and tell me about their favorite photo.

Here is a look at 2016-2018!


JUNE 2016

About Dominique's photo session:

Dominique was one of my very first clients. We meet up one June evening at Petrie Island for what we thought was going to be a beautiful summer sunset beach shoot. Mother Nature had a different plan! It was cold, cloudy and windy, and somewhat miserable for Dominique's daughter. Sweet Zoe was who not impressed. The image below was one was of the last shots of the night!

In her own words:

''She’s my last baby. I try to sink in all the details as much as I can. It's impossible to remember everything. I know. This is my favorite photo of us together. This is me, warming up my little miss under my shirt, the wind in our hair, me, admiring her with all of her might. I can’t get enough. This photo was taken two years ago already!''


About Sophie's photo session:

I was so excited when Sophie contacted me about her & Frederic's City Hall wedding. Capturing such a special day always feels like a privilege. Following their intimate ceremony in the company of their two young children and their witnesses, we walked to Parliament Hill to take more photos. It was the perfect winter day for it; bright and sunny, and full of life!

In her own words:

"Although it was hard to pick just one favorite photo from our session, the one that stood out the most was taken in the glass corridor between City Hall and the Heritage Building. The light was so magnificent! This photo really shows the emotion we felt at that moment: you can feel the tenderness we have for each other. I'm so happy Myriam took the time to visit the space before our wedding. She came up with lots of photo ideas that we loved at first sight."

MARCH 2017

About Maria's photo session:

When I arrived at Maria's home for their family photo session, young Adele wasn't too sure about me and about having her photo taken. I gave her some space and focused on taking photos of her older sister while they drew. Soon after, Adele decided to show me how high she could jump. I'm so glad she did!

In her own words:

"My favourite picture from our session (so hard to choose just one!) is the picture of Adele jumping off the couch. Myriam captured her personality in one frame, and every time I see this photo it makes me smile as it reminds of her carefree spirit! That moment was so fleeting, but it was captured so perfectly."

JULY 2017

About Mireille's photo session:

I met up with Mireille and her family at the beautiful Fletcher Wildlife Garden for their family photo session. Although it was a warm Saturday afternoon, it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We explored the gardens, walked up to the beautiful red barn and enjoyed a snack at the Arboretum. I loved watching the interaction between the siblings- kind, considerate and playful with each other.

In her own words:

''I had a hard time choosing my favorite photo from our session, but this one photo kept catching my eye a little more than the others. I absolutely love how Myriam captured a moment in time that I could not have perceived otherwise. By one click of the camera, she beautifully illustrates the simplicity of one child’s curiosity and another child’s patience in waiting her turn.''


About Kim's photo session:

For their photo session, Kim wanted to capture her family having fun at their neighbourhood park. Using such a familiar location was a great idea; the kids were already so comfortable in that space. We played on the play structures, drew with chalk and even got wet at the splash pad. Before we did, we made sure to capture a couple shots of the whole family together.

In her own words:

"This one is my favorite. I love that it's a snapshot of us in this very moment in time; the old half faded tattoos on their hands, Alina's with her new shirt already all wrinkled, Karine talking to her plush Girafe (Gigi), the three kids glued to me, where they feel good and safe. This is my beloved family in 2017. "


About Jen's photo session:

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen and her family just before the holidays and the arrival of their adorable little boy. Since they were about to become a family of 4, we focused on capturing lots of portraits of their little girl and some with each parent. So curious about my camera, she was a blast to photograph!

In her own words:

"This was my favourite pic from our shoot ... and probably my favourite picture ever! I love how Myriam was able to capture the closeness and sweetness of the relationship between my husband and our little girl. I could look at this all day ❤"

Thank you to all the wonderful families I've had the chance to meet and photograph over the past 2 years. I'm so grateful for your continued support!

Also a big thank you to Dominique, Sophie, Maria, Mireille, Kim and Jen for taking the time to share their favorites with me.

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